About Us

Our Story Starts With You

Our story is inspired by nature to bring you beautiful handmade rattan jewellery and accessories to make your day brighter

🌿Handmade 🌿Unique 🌿Eco-friendly

Welcome to LoveBambooUK

My name is Rose and I am from Vietnam. I have lived in the UK for more than 5 years and am proud to bring you unique and traditional handmade attire from Vietnam to the UK. 


Bringing traditional Asian, and Vietnamese culture into western society with handmade attire.


We don't mass produce anything! Everything is handmade, making it unique and has its own story.


Inspired by nature, we only offer eco-friendly and natural products including bamboo, wood & rattan.

Given my love for jewellery and nature, I set it upon myself to provide unique and beautiful natural handmade woven jewellery and accessories from Vietnam to the U.K.

All of our products are natural, 100% handmade with love and care! I look forward to having you joining my incredible journey!